Audrey Bakx

Born in 1980 in Luxembourg. Lives and works in Bordeaux, France since 2006.

Audrey is a visual artist, wine girl and creator at Monicord. 

She spends her childhood growing up in several countries throughout Europe and becomes a Rietveld Academy (BA) graduate in Amsterdam in 2004. After her jewellery and fine arts studies, she enters the wine world by drawing wine labels for her parents winery. Gradually, she learns all about wine by working in the vineyard and the cellar. She discovers the richness brought by the wine world, the tastings as well as the complexities of selling wine and its system.

Having set one steady foot in the wine field since 2010, she maintains motivated to move forward and thrive with her personal projects.

She expresses herself through drawings, objects, jewellery pieces and installations. Along her personal work, she also creates, selects, blends and designs the packaging of all the products of Monicord.


Any interest in a collaboration or special assignment? Feel free to contact me :


+33 6 88 25 56 16